About Us

The aim of the British BMG Federation is to promote the performance and education of banjo, mandolin and guitar. It is committed to creating educational opportunities for players of all ages to learn and improve on their chosen instruments through running workshops and courses and advertising courses run by other individuals and organisations.

The Festival is one of the main events in the BMG Federation’s calendar and takes place every other year. It is a weekend event with a social and friendly atmosphere and is an exciting opportunity to meet other players, attend workshops, enter competitions and browse traders’ stalls.

The Summer School is the other main event that the BMG Federation organises. This is an annual residential weekend, usually in June, offering courses for banjo, mandolin and guitar.

Frances Taylor – Vice President “Almost from the very first moments when, in my late teens, I fell in love with the mandolin, I became consumed with the desire to promote the performance of the mandolin. This meant I first had to search for music, much of which was hidden or lost, and eventually it led me to become a music detective or musicologist. But even before my nocturnal scholarly studies at university, I had sought every opportunity to put on recitals of mandolin music, despite the fact I had hardly any repertoire. As my knowledge improved I found myself travelling throughout the country visiting music clubs, churches, art galleries, restaurants and any other art space that would have me. Eventually I had a lucky break or two. First I started playing at the Royal Opera House and then I got the chance to study in Italy with Ugo Orlandi. But that was just the beginning. Over the past thirteen years I have worked hard to take the mandolin into schools and lend instruments to children who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity. I have a thriving private practice of pupils and I travel everywhere to run workshops, courses and be involved with mandolin projects. Quite simply my life is devoted to promoting the performance and education of the mandolin and other plucked instruments. The two things about which I am so passionate are also the objectives of the BMG Federation. So it is a privilege and a huge honour that I have been asked to be Vice-President of our British BMG Federation. As I continue my life’s work I look forward with tremendous excitement to supporting and encouraging our shared goals and future achievements.”